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Vase Shani

by Moroni T. Quezada
With a beautiful elegant shape, Shani is nothing but extravagant and a proof of the incredible painting and detailing skills of the artisans of Mata Ortiz. A beige vase with deep red and black pattern of squares, lines and surfaces, is sure to impress anyone.
cm (diameter) x
cm (tall)
 599 €

About the vase

Each vessel is a one of a kind, made with dedicated craftsmanship.
All vessels are signed on the bottom by the person who did them.
Small irregularities in shape, finish, texture, and colour are part of the charm of these vessels, they show the real hand-work, love, and passion that made them.


These ceramic vases are to be handled with care.
They are made out of clay, not porcelain, which means the material is still porous to some degree. They are decorative objects and should not be filled with water, since the vase is not watertight.
The delicate shape of their bases is part of its charm, but it is also a critical part to take care of, so that the vase is stable enough.
To clean the vase, just use a damp cloth and dust the surface softly. Avoid rubbing the cloth against the vase. This could affect the detail of the painting and could break the vase, by putting extra pressure on its surface.


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