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mexopolitan is about the love of Mexican arts, its magic and passion. We are dedicated to bring the beauty of traditional Mexican techniques into the world, proving these craftsmen and their works can be recognised at an international and high-class level.

Mata Ortiz pottery is made with the ancient techniques used by the Paquimé culture, also known as Casas Grandes. These techniques have been recently rescued by master Juan Quezada Celado.

The traditional drawings and designs are made with lead-free mineral paints and human-hair brushes. These pieces are made entirely by hand using the coiling technique in a process that takes around one month from beginning to firing, and in order to maintain that rustic feeling so natural to them, they are fired with a mix of poplar bark and a specific dry cow dung, which helps achieving the appropriate temperature of the kiln.

Each potter makes the piece in the same way in which they were made 600 years ago in the city of Paquimé; however, today's potters have incorporated their innovative designs and have developed their own distinctive styles.

Juan Mata Ortiz is a small town just 320 kms northwest of the city of Chihuahua, in the north of Mexico, very close to the border with the USA. There are around 300 families dedicated to pottery, creating the most extraordinary works of art.

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